[PAILLES] Heroin Worth Rs 11 Million Seized!

A dustbin used as … mailbox. It is the means used by dealers for delivery of heroin! 737 grams of the drug were discovered in the evening of Monday 18 July  at Pailles by officers of the Anti- Drug and Smuggling Unit.

Having obtained information about the presence of a package containing the drug in a dustbin , the police mounted a “controlled delivery” operation at Old Pailles Road. However, at 2.30 pm on Tuesday, no one had appeared to recover drugs. The package was under a pile of garbage. It contained three bags containing heroin .

Moreover, during daytime yesterday, police officers of  the ADSU arrested two people for possession of heroin at Cité Roche-Bois and in Phoenix respectively and another person for possession of cannabis at Sebastopol.