[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] The Priest Left A Note On The Table And Had A Big Sum Of Money In His Possession

“J’ai entendu des cris et des pleurs. J’ai ouvert ma fenêtre et j’ai vu la mère de la victime en larmes. Je lui ai demandé ce qu’il s’était passé. ‘Li dir mwa inn ariv tel manier endan lakaz’ ,” said Runganaden N. after the tragedy occurred at Chemin-Grenier on Tuesday afternoon 19 July.

This tragedy has sparked uproar in the community. It all started when the corpse of Wendina N., a resident of the area aged 21 was discovered in her room shortly after 3 PM by her mother. She was half-naked.

A man named Marouff L. known as a “priest” in the region was lying next to her. Early indications by the police revealed that the young woman was strangled.

Marouff L. is suspected of killing the victim. He then self-inflicted injury to his neck in an attempt to end his life. He was admitted to the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle.

After hearing the cries of Wendina’s mother, Runganaden N. accompanied her in her house to see what actually happened.

“Monn trouv tifi la pa pe bouze, misie la disan pe koule dan so lagoz,” he said.

Runganaden N. says Marouff L. had difficulty in speaking. “Il a pointé son doigt vers une table où il y avait un morceau de papier et une plume,” he says; adding that he could not read what was on paper because the police meanwhile arrived at the scene.

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The young woman celebrated her birthday last Saturday and was in a relationship with the ‘priest’. They were living in the same house. Wendina lived with her mother and was the youngest of the family. According to a source, the priest even offered a car to the young woman. Neighbors say they have never seen the priest in the region.

The mother of the victim manages a boutique near the house and was not present at the time of the drama. Last night relatives and neighbors gathered outside the house of Narainsamy in Chemin Grenier despite the bad weather. The sleuths of the Scene of Crime Office South were present last night.

The body of the victim was taken to the morgue at Victoria Hospital. An autopsy will be performed during the day. Furthermore, the priest in question is provisionally charged with rape. The investigation is conducted by the CID of Chemin Grenier.