After Giving Birth: “Je devais proteger mon bebe”

The family Coowar and Hansrod accuse each other of aggression. The two families residing in the Dauphine street in Port Louis are at loggerheads since 2014. Another argument broke out between the two families last Monday. They have come to blows. Review: 20-year police woman had to deliver urgently and a South African was admitted to the ICU of the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo hospital.

This is a result of a complaint of Coowar Reshad to the Trou Fanfaron police station when fight broke out last Monday. He explained that he saw one of his neighbors vandalizing his car.

“Mon épouse a appelé ma fille qui est enceinte, pour lui dire ce qui s’est passé. Lorsque ma fille et son époux, tous deux policiers, sont venus s’enquérir de la situation, cinq individus les ont agressés à coups de gourdin,” recounts Reshad Coowar.

The membranes of the young woman broke. The latter had to be rushed to the hospital where she gave birth by Cesarean section. The husband of the victim assigned to the Environmental Police was wounded in the face. He received treatment before being allowed to go home.

“Ma grossesse était arrivée à terme. Je devais protéger mon bébé et j’ai essayé de protéger mon ventre au maximum,” said the young mother, still in shock.

Different story
The Hansrod family denies assaulting the Coowar family. “C’est la femme enceinte qui s’en est prise à nous. Mon époux qui est d’origine sud-africaine n’a fait que me protéger,” says the neighbor of South African citizenship.

The latter expressed shock of the violence of the young woman and her husband. “I’m feeling very painful,” said the South African. Trou Fanfarron Police are continuing their investigation to shed light on this matter.