Anil Gayan: “Je ne prends pas Ally Lazer au serieux”

The Health Minister Anil Gayan replied to social worker Ally Lazer.

“Je ne suis pas intéressé avec Ally Lazer,” says Anil Gayan. He was responding to a question from Radio Plus on the demonstration held by Ally Lazer outside the offices of the Ministry of Health in Port Louis in mid-day of Thursday July 21 to demand his resignation.

“Je ne le prends pas au sérieux,” says Anil Gayan; adding that NGOs have also called for his resignation.

Ally Lazer, at a press conference on July 13 asked Anil Gayan to resign from his constituency No. 20 [Beau Bassin-Petite-Rivière] to cause an election. He is ready to face the health minister at No. 20 through a by-election.

The social worker has granted a period of eight days for Anil Gayan to resign. Otherwise, he will manifest before the office of Anil Gayan at Emmanuel Anquetil building in Port Louis.

The “standoff” between the two men is on the use of synthetic drugs in Mauritius. While the Minister of Health said that the situation “is not alarming” the worker says the contrary.

But Anil Gayan replied by saying that “si Ally Lazer a vraiment des renseignements [sur le trafic de drogues synthétiques], qu’il aille les donner à la commission d’enquête sur la drogue.”

“C’est le devoir de chaque Mauricien de dénoncer. Il [Ally Lazer] est un père de famille. Il a des enfants en France. Qu’il aille dénoncer s’il est un vrai patriote. Car, celui qui ne dénonce pas n’est pas patriote,” says Anil Gayan.