[At JINFEI] A Mother And Her Two Sons Robbed And Assaulted

On Wednesday 20 July- the industrial area of Jinfei at around 6 pm. A resident of Terre Rouge and her two sons were in a car when a man armed with a sword came suddenly from the bushes. He broke the front window of the vehicle with a rock.

Threatening the mother with his sword, he demanded that she should give him all the money she had in her possession. She handed him Rs 400.

Taking advantage of the fact that he had the bank notes, she put on the engine. But as she was leaving, one of her sons received a saber blow to the head. He was slightly injured and treated at the Jeetoo hospital. Police of Terre Rouge opened an investigation.

Another robbery took place on Wednesday night. In his statement to the police, a 28 year old resident of Vallée-Pitot said that he was with his girlfriend at The Citadel when two men approached them. Threatening them with a sword, the thugs took with them two mobile phones and a wallet containing a sum of Rs 4 000. The booty is estimated at Rs 13,000.