Crime In Chemin Grenier: “L’aya n’était pas le fiancé de Wendyna,” Says The Mother Of The Victim

Ma fille n’était pas la fiancée de l’aya et ils ne projetaient pas de se marier.” This is what Savita Narayanasawmy, mother of Wendyna Narayanasawmy assured us. The young woman of 21 who was strangled was not dependent of Jean Julien Latchimy Hadji Marouff and he never offered her a car or a house, she added. Thus she rejected the statements made by neighbors who said that Wendyna Narayanasawmy received a lot of favors from the ‘healer’ with whom she had a relationship for about a year.

However, the lawyer of the murderer Larifou understand the opposite as being told by his client. “Il m’avait parlé d’elle (NdlR, Wendyna) positivement. Comment ils projetaient de se marier. Qu’il avait acheté une voiture et fait construire une maison pour elle. Et qu’il voulait l’emmener à La Réunion après leur mariage.” Since the rape case two months ago, Julien Latchimy was seems lost, said the counsel.

The mother of the victim said she considered the man as his son and that he affectionately called her “mama”. She hardly believes he killed his youngest child even if the act might have been premeditated. It seems that the man from Reunion Island held her far from her house and asked her to pick money from a “friend” on Tuesday, says the mother of three girls. After twenty minutes of wait, she made a few phone calls to see if his friends were coming.

Il m’a dit qu’ils étaient à Bel-Ombre et de les attendre. Mais je suis rentrée peu après. Je l’ai appelé une nouvelle fois, il a raccroché. J’ai essayé vainement le téléphone de ma fille et celui de la maison,” says Savita.

On returning, the mother of Wendyna discovered that her main door is padlocked. “Monn get andan, monn trouv disan. Monn get kot baro ti éna pli boukou disan,” recalled Savita. She then started calling for her daughter. “Monn kriyé, Wendyna pann réponn.” She then looked into every room of the house and found out that the ‘healer’ was seated beside her daughter who was lying unconscious on the sofa with a cut in the neck. “Monn demann aya kinnarivé,” said the mother of victim. “Monn trap lamé mo tifi, so lavi ti fini alé.

15 years in Mauritius
The ‘healer’ tried to give an explanation to the mother of the victim but he could not speak. He then tried to write something on a paper but no one could interpret his handwriting. Savita then ran outside to seek help. The two knives that were used for the crime were found on the roof of the house.

The ‘healer’ has been in Mauritius for about fifteen years. He has worked in a temple in Flacq in the past before moving. At the beginning, his wife and three children were often present during the prayers he was doing. But a source in Reunion Island confirmed that the ‘healer’ were in the process of divorcing.

Wendyna sister Rilana revealed that she knows the man for almost a decade. Her mother said she was aware that he was accused of rape, but still has absolute confidence on him. Moreover, she asked the man to come stay at her house after the conflicts with the rape case. “Monn dir li mo pa pou les li tonbé,” Savita said.

Jean Julien Latchimy Hadji Marouff was placed under artificial respiration in the intensive care unit of the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle. He underwent surgery and his condition inspires serious concerns.