[GRSE Ordeal] Provisional Charge Against The Skipper Has Been Crossed

More no charges against the skipper Marie Hayward. Indeed, the provisional charge of manslaughter was dropped on Thursday 21 July 21 at the court of Flacq where the judicial inquiry into the tragedy that killed four people in Grand River South East was held.

Following a motion of counsel for the skipper, Mr Chetan Baboolall, the interim charge was dropped. The representative of the prosecution, Mr Pravin Harrah, did not object.

Constable Ramchurn has also filed on Thursday morning. He explained how he found the body of the policeman Nitesh Mungur, the day after the tragedy. «Je l’ai identifié par le t-shirt rouge qu’il portait. Son corps se trouvait à environ 50 mètres de là où le bateau avait chaviré»,he said.

And on Wednesday 20 July, the Judge Navina Parsuramen accompanied by lawyers Viren Ramchurn and Pravin Harrah, visited the scene of the accident. The magistrate, who chairs the judicial inquiry, boarded a boat from the National Coast Guard for the purposes of the exercise. Notably, neither she nor the lawyers were wearing lifejackets …

On Wednesday 8 June  police officers and their families went to Ile-aux -Cerfs for a picnic. But their canoe capsized on the way back. 4 year old Vagish Shamloll, 7 month old Navish Mungur, his father- the policeman Nitesh Mungur and Urmila Mewa- a policewoman, lost their lives.