[Montagne Longue] Accident Between Motorcycle And Bus: Sad End For Roshan Purlackee

Tragic end for a motorcyclist of 18 year old today at Montagne Longue.
Roshan Purlackee, a resident of Triolet aged 18, had a sad ending on Thursday July 21.
The young man who was driving a motorcycle was killed after a collision with a bus. The tragedy occurred at Notre Dame, Montagne Longue.

Deadly Accident At Montagne Blanche 1Deadly Accident At Montagne Blanche
The bus was going towards Montagne Longue from Port Louis while the victim was on his motorcycle in reverse direction.

A passenger who was on the motorcycle was injured. He was transported to the SSRN hospital where he has been admitted.
According to a source, the motorcycle belonged to the uncle of Roshan Purlackee. The bus driver was subjected to an alcohol test which proved negative.
This drama brings the number of victims of road accidents since the beginning of the year to 78.