Murder In Chemin Grenier: “Ils avaient des projets en commun,” Confirms The Lawyer

The lawyer of the alleged murderer Jean Julien Latchimy Hadji Marouff says he met his client as recently as last weekend. The ‘healer’ seemed so lost and forlorn.

When was the last time you met your client?
I came to see him in Mauritius on July 2. I was here with him last weekend also. We keep in touch.

I spoke with him about the sexual assault case and I took the decision to return to Reunion Island.

In our discussions I felt a very weak man, psychologically deconstructed. He was completely lost. It was not good. He needed to talk. He needed to confide in someone. As soon as I returned to Reunion Island we still talked on the phone.

Did he spoke about Wendyna Narayanasawmy?
Yes, he told me about the girl who died very positively. I know he loved her and was planning to marry her. For me, it is an approach which was very serious. He loved her and they had projects in common. He is a young man who has given much for this girl, financially and emotionally.

I was very shocked when I heard what happened yesterday. Financially, he sent small expenses for this girl and for her family. It is him who has built their house. He planned to marry her, then take her to Reunion Island.

Are you planning to come to Mauritius?
I hope to be here on Friday. My client is not ready to discuss with anyone. He underwent surgery. It is not known yet to when he will recover from his injuries. I am in contact with his family in Reunion Island. I expect him to recover to meet him.