Murder In Chemin Grenier: The ‘healer’ In His Letter “Je suis innocent…”

After killing 21 year old Wendina Narayasami onTuesday afternoon at her home in Chemin-Grenier, 39 year old religious Hadgi Latchimy Marouf who has attempted suicide had left a farewell letter.

“Je t’assure que je suis innocent dans cette affaire (de viol) de Mahébourg. Mes avocats ne savent discuter mon cas. J’ai beau l’expliquer, tu ne veux rien comprendre.” That’s what was written by the religious man before attempting to end his life by causing injury to the neck. Marouf Hadji Latchimy was arrested after a resident of Beau-Vallon filed a complaint against him in May for alleged rape.

The religious was on parole. Since 8 June, he had to report to the police station of Chemin-Grenier every day. Relatives of Wendina Narayasami do not understand what could have happened.

The victim was known for his kindness. It is through his sister, a Flacqoise of 33, she met the religious. “All this is unimaginable. I know this man for nine years. He is a gentle and kind man. I can not believe he could do harm to anyone. When she learned her involvement with the police, my mother agreed to host him, “said his sister.

He has deep gashes in the neck, abdomen and leg. Marouf Hadgi Latchimy underwent a delicate operation and was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle.
“Mom had expressed his confidence and told him he could stay as long as he wanted,” she adds.

The mother of the victim remains inconsolable: “I could not save my daughter. She could call me when she had problems. I could not help at the right time. ” The mother of Wendina Narayasami tells police that the religious man was at home on Tuesday. “Around 4.30 pm, he invited me to meet two Réunionese. While returning to the house, around 5 pm, I made the gruesome discovery. Wendina was stabbed with a sharp weapon. Two knives were bloodstained retouvés on the roof of the house. ”

The autopsy performed on Wednesday by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin and Dr. Maxwell Monvoisin, head of the forensic department, attributed the death of Wendina to a slash wound to the neck. Her funeral is scheduled on Thursday.