Chemin Grenier: Mother Of The Victim “Mo pas pou capav laise li alle koumsa”

There were many people present to pay their last respects to Wendina Narayasami. This student of 21 year old was stabbed by her boyfriend Hadgi Latchimy Marouf, a religious man of 39 year old from Reunion Island, in the afternoon of Tuesday 19 July.

The funeral procession took place at 11 AM and left the house of the aunt of the young woman in Camp- Jeannette, Chemin-Grenier. The emotion was palpable. The mother of the victim Savita Narayasami, overcome with grief, was completely broken on that day. “Ki fer tonn ale ? Tonn kit mwa koumsa. Mo tifi ti enn bon tifi. Tou seki monn kapav fer pou li monn fer !” “Mo pa pou kapav les li ale koumsa. “The two sisters of Wendina Narayasami, aged 29 and 33 respectively, were both devastated by the events.

Wendina Narayasami died after being shot by her boyfriend. The tragedy took place at her house in Social Welfare Road, Chemin Grenier. The religious man then tried to end his life. He left a letter for his innocence in a rape case that erupted in May.

The suspect was on parole. Seriously injured, Marouf Hadgi Latchimy was admitted to the ICU of the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle under police surveillance. He underwent delicate surgery last Wednesday and his condition is considered stable. Investigators have not yet listened to his statement. The house of the victim where the bloodhounds of the Scene of Crime Office continue sampling exercises is still in “police custody”.

An autopsy by the head of the forensic department of the police, Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin and Dr. Maxwell Monvoisin attributed the death of Wendina Narayasami to a “slash wound to the neck” last Wednesday.