[Quatres Bornes] Accident: Max Marie Philogene Died Of His Injuries

81 year old Max Marie Philogene residing in Quatre-Bornes was hit by a car last Tuesday night 19 July. The retired man unfortunately died the next day. His son who accompanied him at the time of the accident was also injured.

Max Marie Philogene left his house in the early evening of Tuesday July 19 to go visit a relative who lives in the same locality. He was accompanied by his son on that day. On the way home, Max Marie Philogene and his son were walking along the St-Jean street in Quatre Bornes when a car driven by Joel Marie Masse violently hit them. Seriously injured, both father and son were transported to Victoria Hospital in Candos where they were admitted. Max Marie Philogene died on the next day, that is on Tuesday. As for his son, he had a fractured foot. However, he signed the discharge form against medical advice to be able to go home.

The driver of the car Marie Joel Masse also lives in Quatre-Bornes. He underwent a breath test which proved negative. He appeared before the court in Rose Hill where an interim charge of manslaughter was brought against him on Wednesday. He was released after providing a deposit. The driver will be confronted with the testimony of the son of the victim soon after he’s established from his injuries. The police is waiting for his recovery to take his statement.

The grand-son of the deceased Waren Philogene says that his father “is traumatized because he witnessed the accident.” The young man adds: ” Mo papa osi  finn blese e so latet pe fatige depi linn aprann ki mo granper finn desede. C’est une grande perte pour la famille. Mon grand-père était en bonne santé. Malgré son âge, il était vif. Toute la famille est bouleversée après cet accident.”

An autopsy by the police doctor attributed the death of the victim to a shock due to multiple injuries. Max Marie Philogene ‘s funeral will take place this Friday at 2:30 PM.