[Montagne Longue] Deadly Accident: The Funeral Of Roshan Purlackee Will Be Held At 3 PM

The black series continues in terms of fatal accidents on our roads. The list goes on and another victim is to be deplored. Roshan Purlackee, a motorcyclist of 18 year old  from Triolet succumbed to his injuries following a collision with a bus in Montagne-Longue last night.

The passenger of the motorcycle, Jeffrey Nursoo, who is also a resident of Triolet has been seriously injured and was rushed to the SSRN hospital. The driver of the bus Seebarun Ajay Kumar aged 46 was subjected to a breath test which proved negative. He was placed in police custody. An autopsy will be performed today to determine the cause of the victim’s death.

The number of deaths on our roads since the beginning of the year goes to 78.