Petit Raffray: Mystery Around The Unidentified Corpse

After DNA tests carried out on the samples from the daughter of Shreemati Alleear who had reported the disappearance of her mother last Tuesday, police concluded that the body found was not of her mother.

Thus, the mystery remains unsolved about the identity of the woman whose body was found in a sugarcane field on Wednesday July 13. According to information received, the woman was aged between 35 and 40 year old and would be of Asian origin.

A family member of the Alleear couple says that his sister is approaching her fifties. “Nous pensions qu’il ne pouvait pas s’agir d’elle car la description faite du cadavre ne correspond pas à ma belle-sœur.” The police will have a look at the list of missing persons to see if their descriptions match those of the corpse.

The police also revealed that the Alleear couple are missing. Investigators have been looking for the couple but in vain.On the other hand, the family has still no news of them on Thursday night.