[Rose Hill] Prosecuted For Abandoning Her Baby In Hospital, Sharonne Acquitted

Sharonne, a resident of Rose Hill aged 32 was acquitted on Friday July 22 by the intermediate court.

She was prosecuted for abandoning her baby born at the SSRN hospital back in April 18, 2008. According to the police statement, the mother of the baby said that she left the hospital moments after giving birth.

Sharonne who has four children says she was facing financial difficulties and at that time her partner was not working.

The judge Azam Neerooa argued that the police could not establish all the elements of the offense of child abandonment during his verdict. He added that abandoning a baby to the dangers of the street and unattended is punishable by law.

The child has been cared by the hospital and by the Child Development Unit (CDU).

Sharonne was defended by Me Tania Huet.