[Local News] MV Benita Is Back On The High Seas Again After Five Weeks

The recovery operation has proven to be a success with the help of Ionian Sean FOS and Coral Sea FOS tugboats. The Liberian bulk carrier MV Benita has been released from the reefs and refloated at 1:00 PM on Saturday, July 23.

After pumping and transfer of 174 tons of fuel to the Virgin Oil Ltd. refinery by Helicopter Squadron of the Mauritian police and the exercise of pressurization of the ship’s wedges, the salvage operation began at 6:00 AM led by Swire Salvage Emergency response.

The MV Benita ran aground on the reefs of Le Bouchon in Mahébourg on the night of June 16 to 17. With 23 people on board, the Liberian bulk carrier was heading to Durban in South Africa when an incident broke out between two sailors, one of whom was seriously injured.