[Riche Terre] Sword Attack In Jin Fei – A Baby Hurt On The Head

Disha and her husband Rohan (names changed) along with their two children aged ten months and four years were attacked by a man armed with a saber on Wednesday July 20 at Jin Fei, Riche-Terre.

The thug threw a rock on the windshield of their car that was eventually shattered. The baby got a head injury and had to be treated with two stitches. The thief is actively sought by the police.

It was around 6 PM on Wednesday when the tragedy occurred. Rohan was in the front passenger seat with the baby in his arms and Disha was driving the car, while their four year old child was on the back seat.

But while the young woman was trying to reverse the vehicle, an individual armed with a sword came out of nowhere and threw a stone on the vehicle windshield that was shattered. The baby was wounded in the head. “Linn met enn sab anba lagorz mo mari e li finn dir mwa donn kas. Mon époux m’a dit qu’il y avait Rs 400 dans une boîte. Somme que j’ai remise au voleur,” said Disha. But the thug claimed more money. “Mo finn dir li pena.”

The young woman said she took advantage of the moment when the man was counting the money to escape quickly. She then immediately took her ten months old baby at the SSRN Hospital in Pamplemousses where two stitches were needed to treat the injury. Rohan subsequently went to the Terre Rouge police station to complain about the mishap. Disha revealed that she will not be able to identify the thief but her husband said he could do it.

“Nous avons vécu une expérience traumatisante. Mon fils de quatre ans est encore sous le choc. Heureusement que mon bébé se porte mieux,” said Disha. The Crime Branch of Terre Rouge are investigating into this matter.