[International News] Think Twice Before Going To The Circus Next Time; Animal Cruelty Can Never Be Justified!

A video published by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recently on YouTube shows the extent to which animals are treated badly in circuses. Animals such as bears, monkeys, lions and tigers are kept in filthy cages and are even beaten during training exercises.
In 2015 an eyewitness visited Suzhou city in China which is place to more than 300 circuses. The latter decided visit ten different circuses and training campuses for animals- what was documented there is absolutely horrendous and unacceptable.

Watch video:

While not performing, the animals are chained and are confined to small cages, with hardly any space to move around.
PETA also reports that many circus owners in China don’t have the required permits to keep animals such as tigers, which are protected under Chinese law, but they do so anyway.
The animals have to go through tough training sessions and they are constantly traumatized when beaten up. Subsequently, they develop unusual behavior and some even harm themselves.
Watch the video below to witness the atrocities faced by circus animals in not only China but across the world also.