[International News] Video: “I begged the man to let me go and see my mother’s body.. But he refused.”

Dampson was just ten years old when his mother decided to give him away to a man who forced him to work as a fisherman for four years in dire and risky conditions.
Lake Volta is Ghana’s largest fishing ground and currently, over 20,000 children are being forced to work on its waters.
Dampson reveals that he was treated like a slave and some of the boys he met were injured or died.

Watch the video below to hear Dampson’s story:

When he refused to work, he was beaten by the man mercilessly. “When we got there, he told me to go straight to the water and pull nets. I told him (that) I can’t. And he hit me on the mouth with a paddle.”
He wasn’t allowed to go to school, but after four years a charity, Challenging Heights, rescued him from Ghana’s Lake Volta.
Now, 14 year old Dampson lives with his father and is going to school. The little boy says that he is happy.