[Local News] Petit Raffray: Shreemati Allear And Her Husband Terrorized By Their Daughter

The scenario is worthy of a Bollywood or Hollywood film. On July 13, a dismembered body was found in a sugarcane field in Petit Raffray. The assumptions were rife about the identity of the victim. At one point Police suspected that the body could be that of Shreemati Alleear. But DNA tests made from samples taken from the daughter of the latter, who reported the disappearance of her mother last Tuesday revealed that it was not her. During that time, the husband of Shreemati Allear, Sunil Alleear also disappeared in the wild. The couple was eventually found on Saturday July 23.

The Alleear couple was found by family members. “Nous avons montré leur photo aux gens dans la rue,” said a close relation to the couple. And Saturday Sunil Alleear was spotted near a bakery in a village in the West. But why Shreemati and Sunil disappeared suddenly?

Nous avons préféré fuir parce que notre fille nous terrorise,” Sunil says, while putting his arm around the shoulders of his wife. The couple actually has a plot of land in Petit-Raffray on which they built their house. But husband and wife are forced to live separately because their daughter does not want her father and mother to live under the same roof.

Sunil Alleear further alleges that on June 26, his daughter allegedly assaulted and asked him to leave the village. “Li dir sinon li pou koup mwa…” The man further says he walked from Petit-Raffray at Goodlands on that night to seek refuge at a relative’s place.

Before returning the next day to talk to Shreemati. “Monn dir li nou kit sa lakaz-la nou alé.” On June 27, they went to Goodlands police station to make a statement against their daughter before heading to La Flora to seek shelter. Sunil Alleear says he ended up asking a friend who lives in the West to rent him a house. “Mo kamarad ena enn restoran ek li loué bann studio. Depi lé 28 juin, mo madam ek mwa travay laba…”

Shreemati Allear said that she could not endure the constant quarrels between her daughter and her husband. “Mo gagn stress, mo malad akoz sa. Mo tifi bat so papa, li bat mwa, li amenn dimoun dan lakaz tousala.” These are the reasons why she did not hesitate to follow her husband on the day of their “disappearance”. She also claims that she called her daughter and said, “Mo pé alé pa bizin rod mwa…” And to brag that she and her husband do not intend to return to Petit-Raffray again.

Anushka denies all the allegations made by her parents against her. She claims that she was fighting with his father because he was an alcoholic. “Li bwar, li zouré, akoz sa mo lager ek li,” she says.

Anushka says she has never attacked her father nor her mother and the latter did not alert her before leaving. Moreover, she is still committed to continue protecting her mom, she insists. “Li malad. Si mo koné kot li été, mo pou al sers li mo bizin li…“and says she has not heard from her parents until now.