[Local News] After A Successful Salvage The fate Of MV Benita Will Be Known This Week

After being refloated at around 1 PM on Saturday 23 July, the fate of the Liberian bulk carrier MV Benita will be known this week. The ship will be towed for repair or scuttled in the ocean.

Five weeks after the sinking of MV Benita at Le Bouchon the salvage operation was a success. It received help of two tugs from Five Ocean Salvage Ltd: Ionian Sean FOS and Coral Sea FOS.

At first, the goal was to drive it outside the limits of 12 nautical miles away from Mauritian waters. A decision will be taken by the company of the cargo ship to decide its fate this week. Initially, it was decided that the ship will be scuffed in the ocean of 5000 meters deep but a possible towing to a shipyard or in a port has not been ruled out.

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At the Ministry of the Environment, it is suggested that officers will still be hard at work to restore the beach at Le Bouchon. “Ces travaux prendront des semaines et heureusement que nous avons évité le pire,” said a source.

Units of Helicopter Squadron Police performed 1053 rotations for the transfer of 174 tons of fuel to the Virgin Oil Ltd. refinery.