[Local News] Possession Of Firearms: A Police Officer Acquitted

A 30 year old policeman was acquitted before the Intermediate Court today. He was charged under a charge of “possession of firearm with intent to endanger life.” He pleaded not guilty of the offense that occurred back in Feb. 16 2011 in Flacq.

The verdict was pronounced by the magistrate Wendy Rangan. In his statements to the police, the accused said he has a rifle and a gun license. He added that he placed his gun and two boxes of ammunition in the trunk of his car to go hunting. But he decided not to go hunting afterwards. He met his uncle and the two men went to a restaurant before going to the casino.

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Lack of evidence
Moments later, a dispute broke out between the accused, his uncle and security officers of the playhouse. The altercation occurred because the police officer refused to turn off his cell phone. According to him, a security officer would have pushed him and his uncle down the stairs. It was noted that one of them was in possession of a sharp weapon and threatened to assault his uncle.

The officer maintained that he went to fetch his gun and ammunition in his car to scare them so that they release his uncle. Seeing that the officers were ignoring his threats, he fired two shots into the air, one towards the wall of the casino and the other near the door to prevent them from closing.

In his judgment, Judge Wendy Rangan noted that the defendant did not dispute that the shots were not directed against a person. There is no evidence or eye witness when the incident occurred. So the court can not conclude that the officer used his weapon to endanger the lives of people.