[Local News] Triolet – Theft: Amit A. Betrayed By His Hair Cut

19 year old Amit A. finds himself in deep trouble. This resident of Triolet has been pinned by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Trou-aux-Biches in the early hours of Friday July 22. The young man snatched the purse of a 49 year old private clinic domestic. In her testimony to the Triolet police station on Thursday afternoon, the victim told investigators that she could recognize the suspect through his haircut.

“Il est athlétique, âgé entre 18 et 19 ans et a surtout une coupe de cheveux tendance, avec des extrémités teintées,” she said. The victim stressed that she was returning from work around 3 PM when she heard someone calling. Believing he was an acquaintance, the lady turned around and was left nose-to-nose with the crook. The latter immediately snatched her bag.

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The victim explained that she did everything to stop him but in vain. The lady immediately went to the police station to report the theft. Sergeant Domah and the bloodhounds Calcuteea, Nohur and Dookhooa from the CID of Trou-aux-Biches went in search of the suspect known to police. They mounted an operation in the early morning of Friday and managed to stop him in his house. The young man confessed to his crime on the spot. He explained that he spent the money in the purse. A search on a fallow land in the region has allowed detectives to find the bag that contained documents and personal things of the lady.

The suspect was presented in Pamplemousses court under a provisional charge of theft on Friday. He was held in police cell. The sleuths suspect himpolice of having committed other burglaries in the area.