[Local News] VIDEO: Mare-Aux-Vacoas Reservoir Overflow

While many complain to the Central Water Authority (CWA) of a lack of water in their locality, an unusual scene takes place in Mare aux Vacoas. The largest reservoir in the country is filled at 100% capacity after the recent days rain. The water crosses the road to flow to a forest in the vicinity as shown by the photo.

Mare Aux Vacoas Water Overspills

A resident of Cité-Atlee in Forest Side said he was there last Saturday for a fishing trip. He believes that the CWA and the Water Resources Unit “auraient dû trouver un moyen pour capter toute cette eau qui se perd dans la forêt.” This would have helped to better manage and distribute drinking water across the country.

“Zot finn konstrir enn dam pou ki delo rant dan rezervwar alor ki delo pe perdi kot enn landrwa apel boue blanc. Cela dan enn contexte kot pe koz ogmantasion tarif delo,” protested the 50 year old man.

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The press service of the Ministry of Public Services said the water that overflows is not lost because it flows into ‘rivière du Poste’.

Moreover, this is caused when the reservoir is filled to 100% of its capacity. And the presence of strong gusts currently prevalent on the land make the water flows on the asphalt and head towards the forest.

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“Ce problème se pose uniquement quand le principal réservoir du pays est débordé. Toute cette eau n’est pas gaspillée. L’eau traverse la forêt et est ensuite canalisée dans une rivière. Aussitôt qu’elle se déverse dans la rivière du Poste, l’eau est canalisée vers une station d’épuration pour ensuite être distribuée aux habitants du Sud du pays,” says the press service of the Ministry of Public Services.