[People] Dog Lost In Quatre-Bornes – Please Help Us Find Dahlia (SHARE)

Please help us find our baby. Her name is Dahlia of breed Dachshund/Teckel/Bassette. She’s been missing since Friday 22 July (early morning). Please let us know on +2304655070 (m) +23059137319 +23057737740 +23057737977 numbers as soon as possible. She can be identified with her white neck and paws. Keep an eye in your neighbor’s yard as well.

Dahlia Dog Lost

She is different from other dogs with white patch on her paws that looks like she is wearing a white shoes.

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MSAW doesn’t have her. They will cooperate with us in case they capture her in the coming days. She is nowhere to be found in our area (Telfair avenue, Quatre-Bornes). All construction area and neighbors yard have been thoroughly checked. She is surely stolen by someone. We are sure Vets could help us find her soon.

Kindly Share Dahlia’s picture with relevant information and make everyone in your circular aware of her missing. Hopefully whoever has taken her will discreetly bring her back. Keep an eye on your neighborhood and if you see her, contact us first. Mauritius is not a very big island to find a missing pet if everyone gets United. We need you cooperation and support.
Thanks for understanding our pain. PLEASE HELP !!