[International News] Animal Cruelty At Its Peak In ROMANIA!

In an utmost cruel act of animal abuse, four puppies were found covered in black hot tar in Romania. The animals were left to die under the hot burning sun.
The puppies were stuck to the ground and they were found in a terrible condition. They were then transported to a hospital.

Romania Animal Cruelty

Animal activists have put the blame on an unidentified local man who seems to be venting his hidden demons on the helpless puppies. According to the Sky Foundation for Animal Rights, someone is deliberately putting animals in harm’s way.
Veterinarian Sorin Puiu, who is treating the puppies, revealed that the dogs were brought in a very poor condition but are now recovering.

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He further said, “One of them had a particularly tough time. He had his left eye, his nose and his mouth all covered in tar. We could really use some kind of animal police institution right now.”

After their condition stabilizes even more, they will be given up for adoption.
Cases of animal cruelty are soaring in Romania. Several cases have been reported of volunteers rescuing tortured dogs from the street who were living “a life of hell”.