[Local News] Riviere Du Rempart: Two Stolen Safe Found In A River

Two safes were found in a river in Schoenfeld, Rivière du Rempart on Monday July 25. These are most probably stolen safes.

One of the safes belonged to a resident of Baie-du-Tombeau while the police are trying to find the owner of the second.

Sergeant Veeranah and his men of the Emergency Response Service (ERS) from the Northern Division noticed floating materials on the surface of a river during a patrol around 8: 30 PM on Monday July 25. They got off their vehicle and found two safes that had been forced before being left behind.

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Rivière du Rempart Police was immediately informed of the discovery. The safes were removed from the river. The officers were able to identify the owner of one of the two safes thanks to the deed of sale of a motorcycle that was found in the water.

A few weeks ago a garage owner from Tombeau-Bay went to the police after his garage was robbed. The safe contained Rs 300,000 in cash and documents. The second safe found was also a result of a theft. Fingerprints were taken from the safes and are being analyzed.