[Local News] Road Accidents: 3 Dead In 24 Hours On Our Roads

Within just 24 hours, 3 persons lost their lives on our roads. On Tuesday 26 July, two pedestrians were killed while crossing the road.

The latest victim is a 72 year old woman who was cut short by a bus near the Rose Hill market in the afternoon. An investigation was opened by the police and the bus driver will be questioned.

40 year old Dijanand Goorbin was hit by a 4 × 4 when he was crossing the road at Beau Climat. The driver of the vehicle was arrested by police.

A 63 year old man was found at the roadside, with multiple injuries, next to his motorcycle at Quatre-Cocos, Palmar during the night on Monday 25 July. He was transported to the Flacq Hospital where his death was confirmed.

The sexagenarian was the victim of a road accident in all likelihood. Police opened an investigation.

These three accidents make the number of victims of road accidents since the beginning of the year increase to 81.