[Local News] The Double-Decker Bus Is Back In Mauritius!

The double-decker bus is back in Mauritius and will soon make its first trip. The Rose Hill Transport (RHT) company has given the green light from the government for the double-decker bus to make its appearance again on our roads.

The new bus RHT is currently at the Port and an internet user took a picture of it; this was quickly shared on the social network Facebook. The Council of Ministers had noted on Friday 20 May RHT company planned to import the double-decker bus which should serve the trip place Margéot Cardinal, Rose Hill-Port Louis via Ebene.

A road test should be carried out first before the authorization of the operationalization of the bus. The RHT company confirms the coming of the double-decker bus.  « À ce stade, nous ne pourrions rien vous dire, en attendant le lancement officiel »,said an authoritative source for RHT. The RHT company had some decker buses in the 60s.