[People] Belle Rose: Lutchmee Gajadhur Injured After Falling In A NTC Bus

Lutchmee Gajadhur fell from a national transportation company bus and was injured. The woman stayed at the Victoria hospital in Candos for eight days. She will not be able to claim damages since Rose Hill Police took her bus ticket for investigation. The NTC has opened an investigation after being contacted by the police.

This mishap  occurred around 4:15 PM in July 4 at Belle Rose. Lutchmee Gajadhur boarded a National Transport Company (NTC) bus which was going towards La Marie.

The driver suddenly braked near the Quality Beverages Company in Phoenix and unfortunately, the woman was thrown to the ground near the access door of the bus. She was immediately transported to Victoria Hospital after being hurt where she remained for one week. The driver reported the case to the Rose Hill police station on the day of the incident.

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Lutchmee is now wondering if a police investigation will be opened because a police officer who visited her at the hospital took her bus ticket. “À ce jour, je n’ai pris connaissance d’aucun développement dans ce dossier,” says the victim.

A NTC officer claims to be aware of this case and he argues that the company plans to hear the version of the old lady before making a decision.