[International News] An Australian Wins A Hotel On A Tropical Island In The Raffle

An Australian has won a hotel in a tropical island in the Pacific during a raffle that drew thousands of participants’ attention across the globe.

Doug and Sally Beitz had settled on Kosrae, an island in Micronesia, in the 1990s but they wanted to return to Australia and chose to make their 16-room hotel the single price of a raffle priced at 49 US dollars per ticket.

Before the draw last Tuesday, Doug Beitz explained he wanted to convey his business “to people like us.” He hoped that the winner is “someone who loves the heat, loves meeting new people from around the world.”

A video posted on Facebook showed that the winning ticket has the number 44980.

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Doug Beitz had a little trouble to contact the owner. But he finally succeeded. “His name is Joshua and he comes from Australia,” he said on the video, saying he lives in the New South Wales.

He declined to reveal his full identity at first to give him time to digest his gain and avoid the media.

Kosrae is located north of the Solomon Islands and southwest of Hawaii. The island has about 6500 inhabitants.

Besides the hotel, the winner is awarded a four bedroom residence, five rental cars, two vans of 10 seats, a pickup and a restaurant.

The hotel, popular among lovers of fishing and diving, has no debt, is beneficiary and has available cash of $ 10 000, said the organizers of the raffle.

The property is located on a rent ground but the contract is still valid for 20 years.

The Beitz said that a minimum of 50,000 tickets were to be sold for the raffle to take place correctly, a threshold of 2.45 million. However the lottery has generated interest worldwide and the limit disappeared from the event.

Tens of thousands of losers will have at least been able to dream a little about the luxury hotel on the island.

“Thanks for a wonderful dream,” said one of them on Facebook. “Congratulations Joshua, good luck for your life out there.”