[Local News] Murder At Vallée-des-Prêtres In 2008: NASEERUDIN TENGUR Sentenced To Life In Prison

Naseerudin Tengur, 31, is already serving a sentence of 40 years in prison for a murder committed in 2008 and on Wednesday 27 July, he was sentenced to life, 60 years in prison by Judge Gaytree Jugessur-Manna of the Assize Court for the murder of his aunt Khairoonessa Tengur.

On Monday 11 January called in the dock, he launched insults against the judge Benjamin Marie-Joseph. The incident interrupted the hearing. Naseerudin Tengur is led out of the courtroom and was called to order by the Special Support Unit members (SSU) escorting.

His lawyer Peeroo Assad said he would consult with the prison administration to see if his client is fit to face trial, or is subject to mental disorders. The hearing was adjourned until Friday, January 29.

On that day the trial at the Assizes is done before the judge Gaytree Jugessur-Manna and Naseerudin Tengur did not hesitate to lash insults at her. New intervention of the members of the SSU to calm him outside the courtroom, and further intervention by Mr. Assad Peeroo who apologized to the judge Gaytree Jugessur-Manna for his client’s behavior.

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Mr Assad Peeroo then presented a motion calling for a panel of doctors examining Naseerudin Tengur to determine whether it is fit to face trial before the Assize Court. The hearing is adjourned.

On Wednesday 29 June, Naseerudin Tengur is presented again before the judge Gaytree Jugessur-Manna. Noorani Hossenbaccus, Prison Hospital Officer, is called upon to explain the psychiatric treatment of Naseerudin Tengur. After this testimony, the judge Gaytree Jugessur-Manna orders that the accused be examined by a psychiatrist at Brown Sequard hospital and receives his medication.

On Tuesday 19 July the trial of  Naseerudin Tengur began and he pleaded not guilty of murdering his aunt Khairoonessa Tengur.  A jury consisting of 6 men and 3 women was made and the prosecution wass represented by Najiyah Jeewa. She indicated that she would present a statement of facts in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, Naseerudin Tengur changed his mind and now wanted to plead guilty said his lawyer Assad Peeroo.

The jury was ‘ discharged’ and the first witnesses came turn by turn.

On Wednesday 27 July 27  Naseerudin Tengur is sentenced to life, 60 years in prison by Judge Gaytree Jugessur – Manna for the gruesome murder of his aunt Khairoonessa Tengur aka Fiya.

The murder was committed on 21st December 2008 at Vallée-des-Prêtres.