[Local News] Résidence Barkly: Thomas Bryan Labonne Arrested For Money Laundering

25 year old Thomas Bryan Labonne appeared in Rose Hill court on Tuesday July 26. He was provisionally charged with money laundering after the discover of Rs 900,000 hidden in a table at home.

Thomas Bryan Labonne is now in police cell. This inhabitant of Barkly residence was arrested last Monday afternoon by the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) of Rose Hill. Nearly Rs 900,000 in small piles were found at his home. The notes were concealed in the hidden compartment of a table. At present, the suspect has not yet explained the source of the money.

The suspect was under close supervision since he was considered as a centerpiece in drug trafficking in the Residence Barkly region by the bloodhounds of ADSU . The inspector Doobaree and men of ADSU raided the house of Thomas Bryan Labonne on Monday. The operation was supervised by the chief inspector Ghoorun.

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The sleuths have thoroughly searched the house and the exercise paid off. The weight of one of the drawers intrigued them.After looking closely, they discovered a hidden compartment. They found four plastic bags after opening the hidden compartment. Bundles of notes of Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs 1 000 were discovered. Investigators also found residue in the bags that the police believe to be heroin. Samples have been taken and are being analyzed at the Forensic Science Laboratory.

Thomas Bryan Labonne was meanwhile taken to the premises of the ADSU at Rose Hill. The money was counted in his presence. and the exact amount is Rs 898 725. Investigators suspect the source of the money to be from the sale of drugs.

The suspect spent the night in police cell. He appeared in court in Rose Hill under heavy escort from the police. The man was provisionally charged with money laundering. The police objected to his release on bail and the suspect hired the services of lawyer Eassen Soopramanien. The statement of the suspect has not yet been registered.

It is good to note that last year he found himself in court for possession of a dangerous weapon; it was a tear gas canister. His relatives, met at Kennedy residence, refused to comment on the case.