[Local News] UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS: Admission Rate Drops

The trend rate of admission at the University of Mauritius [UoM] has been decreasing since a few years.

The number of students registered to date for the next intake is approximately 3000; This represents a decrease compared to previous years.

The campus has thus decided to extend the deadline for entries.

There are several reasons behind this drop in the student population of the UoM. First, students do not get the courses of their choice. What drives them to move towards private institutions, including those located abroad.

Another reason could be that the campus does not offer distance courses. The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) explains that many students who have completed secondary scholing prefer to work and study at the same time.

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Not getting this facility to the UoM, these students choose to opt for the Open University which has many online courses.

The UoM also removed several courses including BSc Economics and International Relations and other courses falling under the Agriculture Faculty. This is because fewer students enroll in these courses.

According to the managing board of the UoM, they do not trust the admission rate received so far and it is estimated that this figure could increase before classes resume which is scheduled for the first week of August.