[Health] St Pierre: Cockroach Found In Food At Commercial Centre; Teenager Hospitalised!

A teenager had a stay in hospital after swallowing a piece of cockroach in his grilled chicken. This happened on 16  16 in commercial centre. After being informed, the health department suggests the possible sanctions: prohibition or even closing order.

46 year old Kishore B. of the L’esperance was in the vicinity of St Pierre. He was accompanied by his 14 year old son. Feeling hungry, both decided to buy food at the nearby fast food chain.

The father orders several items for Rs 354. Immediately past the cashier, father and son head to the food court to enjoy their meal.

After two bites, the teenager is flabbergasted on seeing a cockroach in his piece of chicken. The insect was cooked in frying. « Mon fils a commencé à vomir. Son état a attiré l’attention des badauds. Tout le monde était choqué. J’ai appelé un membre du personnel. Le comble, c’est que le responsable m’a avoué qu’il ne pouvait rien faire pour réparer cette bévue »  said the angry father.

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Kishore B. filed a complaint the same day at St. Pierre police station. His son was hospitalized for poisoning Flacq. He stayed there two days.

On last Monday, the father complained to the health office in the region. The matter was also discussed on the radio show Xplik ou K on Friday.

Asked for a reaction, Rajensingh Seebaluck evokes the possible sanctions ( ‘prohibition order’ or ‘closing order’) in such situations. The director of the health department of the Ministry explained that a sample of chicken cockroach was sent to FSL laboratory for analysis. In light of this report, the ministry will take sanctions. « Si l’analyse démontre que le cafard a été cuit avec le poulet, le restaurant pourra se voir servir un prohibition order  ou un closing order » says Rajensing Seebaluck. Amrita Gunesh, representative of the Consumer Protection Unit suggested the complainant to claim damages.