[Local News] Chemin-Grenier: Investigators Doubt That The Murder Could Be Linked To Witchcraft

Investigators took the mother of Wendyna Narayanasawmy on the crime scene. Shockingly, they found candles and ashes. They suspect that the crime is related to an act of witchcraft.

As for the alleged perpetrator of Wendyna, he is no longer in danger. Indeed, Julien Latchimy’s health status has improved. The police are waiting for  the approval of the doctors treaating him at the Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital, Rose-Belle in conducting their interrogation which will be attended by his lawyer, Saeed Larifou.

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The 39-year Reunionese is still kept under heavy police surveillance at the hospital. Nobody can visit him. However, a police source reveals that in court there might be an objection to his release.

The Reunionse lawyer Said Larifou had said that he intended to apply for the transfer of his client to the sister island to continue his medical treatment. The latter, he says, must be in a familiar environment and appropriate medical platform. But the court does not allow a person who is provisionally accused in a case to travel- as per Mauritian law.