[Local News] Death Of Dhaneswar Gopaul: “Ce N’est Pas Le Virus D’encephalite Japonaise”

It’s official. The Japanese encephalitis virus is not the cause of the death of Dhaneswar Gopaul.

A Health Department confirmed the report on Wednesday after receiving the blood test results of the deceased. 39 year old Dhaneswar Gopaul was a supervisor at the Cargo Handling Corporation Limited (CHCL). He died in a private clinic on Thursday where he was admitted since July 6. He suffered from headaches and vomiting.

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According to a source at the private clinic, Dhaneswar Gopaul died of a viral infection without providing further details. His family suspected he contracted Japanese encephalitis virus on the workplace, being the first to board the boats entering the harbor of Port Louis to coordinate the work with the captains and their crews.