[Local News] Murdered Priest In France: 19 Year Old Adel Kermiche Supposedly Came From Cite La Cure, Port Louis

Mauritius finds itself under the spotlight internationally against its will and for the wrong reasons.

Kermiche Adel, one of the authors of the attack on a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in France on Tuesday claimed to be a native of Cité La Cure, Port Louis. This is the address he listed on his Facebook profile which was deleted after he was shot down by the police. Even the Christian blog Northwoods Ministries mentions Mauritius as home of the 19 year old young man in an article published on Thursday. During the attack on Tuesday, the 86 year old priest Jacques Hamel was stuck.

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According to information taken with the immigration services and the Mauritian terrorism cell, Adel Kermiche never set foot on the island, nor he is of Mauritian origin. He was born in Mont-Saint-Aignan in Seine-Maritime. French journalists including Reunion Island try to understand how he could choose Cité La Cure as his country of origin. His associations and his immediate entourage are well scrutinized.

At the Government House, they confirm that neither Paris nor the Embassy of France in Mauritius have sought information about the young man who was jailed for ten months because he wanted to join Syria two times in 2015. He was fitted with an electronic bracelet since his release on 22 March pending trial for criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise.