[Local News] Pointe-Aux-Sables: A Septuagenarian Bound And Gagged By A Burglar

The victim said to be still in shock and shaking. A resident of Pointe-aux-Sables aged 73 years old was the victim of a robbery in the early morning of Wednesday, July 27. She was taken to the hospital after being injured.

She told the police she surprised a man who entered through an opened window around 3 AM in her house.

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The thug gagged her and tied her before locking her in the bathroom. He then robbed a TV and other devices, and a sum of Rs 2 000. The booty is estimated at Rs 52,000.

The septuagenarian was able to free herself and alert her neighbors. During a Police Field hour operation, officers from the Criminal Investigation Division arrested a cook aged 34 and he confessed his crime after questioning.