[Local News] Synthetic Drug: More Than 110 Patients Admitted

The figures speak for themselves. Between the beginning of the year and July 15, over 110 people were admitted to Brown Sequard hospital after consuming synthetic drug. There have been more than 10 admissions just in July.

These people have consumed brown sugar, cannabis, a mixture of several drugs, or alcohol and synthetic drugs. Over 35 patients consumed synthetic drug. There are more than fifteen patients aged under 18 years, fifty aged between 18 and 30 years, and more than twenty patients are aged 40 years and above. There are two women among the patients.

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Each patient is under the supervision of a nurse. “Certains sont violents et c’est la raison pour laquelle ils sont placés sous une surveillance individuelle,” says a source.

The president of the Association of Social Workers of Mauritius, Ally Lazer says that it is now more than two years that he has hit the alarm on synthetic drug position in our island. ” Il y a deux ans, j’avais alerté les autorités concernées, mais on ne m’avait pas pris au sérieux.” He also says that there is currently a “tsunami” of synthetic drugs in Mauritius.