[Local News] Theft Of Car In Pointe-Aux-Sables

Two cousins residing Flacq fell into an ambush and their car was stolen. The girls they met on Facebook were used as bait.

It all started with a virtual meeting. “Mon cousin a fait la rencontre d’une fille sur Facebook et très vite il s’est chargé d’organiser un rendez-vous à la plage de La Pointe, à Pointe-aux-Sables,” says Kavi. The meeting is scheduled for March 4. The two cousins pick up two girls they never met in Pointe-aux-Sables and then head towards La Pointe beach. “Il devait être aux alentours de 23 h 30,” adds Kavi.

The two cousins were looking forward to have a good time with the girls when the mishap happened. “On descendait du véhicule quand une voiture s’est arrêtée à notre hauteur et quatre hommes en sont sortis. Ils portaient des cagoules et nous ont menacés avec des samouraïs. Ils ont enlevé mon cousin et volé ma voiture. Les deux filles se sont alors enfuies,” said the young man.

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Suspects arrested

Kavi immediately went to the police station to record a statement. Meanwhile he is informed that his attackers released his cousin at Pailles. Kavi later said he received a phone call from a person who said to know where his car was. “Il m’a demandé Rs 7 000 pour l’information,” he told the sleuths of CID.

The Honda Civic car of Kavi was later found in Cité la Cure. On July 7 the Port Louis CID managed to get hold of the suspects. They are: Stéphane L., 31, Oliver A., Jean M. Ricardo, 27, Jean Marc I., 26, and Bryan L., 27, alleged mastermind of the case. “Les deux filles étaient de mèche avec nous,” Olivier A. revealed to investigators.

On July 14, one of the girls suspected of being part of the band was pinned in Port Louis. 18 year old Mary O. was then placed under arrest. She explained in her story that she is the girlfriend of Bryan L. “Le soir du vol, notre rôle consistait à faire sortir les deux jeunes de la voiture. Je devais percevoir Rs 10 000 après le vol,” said the teenager. The other young woman involved was caught on 21 July.

They all appeared in Bamboo court under a car theft charge. They were released on bail.