[People] Scrap Metal: Exporters Want Justice To Be Made

The export of old scrap metal is prohibited in Mauritius since June 30. That is to say, the Scrap Metal no longer operates since the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs has taken this decision. Washin Jeeawody and Assim Soobratty, exporters in the Scrap Metal, give us their concern and anger about this injustice. Indeed, about 2,000 people are now unemployed. Moreover, Scrap Metal Workers Association (SMWA) along with the legal advisers, Mr Rama Valayden, Me Nilkant Dulloo and Me Kaviraj Backory, are struggling against the closure of the company after charges of several metal thefts.

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According to Scrap Metal exporters operating since 1940, that have never faced such a problem because everything is under license. “C’est purement politique. Je ne comprends pas la décision du ministère, nous canaliser vers la compagnie, le Samlo Koyenco Steel Co Ltd,” said one of the exporters. He continues that the Samlo Koyenco Steel Co Ltd in Midlands is protected by the government because it has the right to buy old metal for export purposes. Thus, exporters are demanding an investigation. Washin Jeeawoody certify that the ministry acts as an ‘agent’ for Samlo company.
Exporters also expressed incomprehension to the Ministry of Commerce that has granted an export permit to the Shankar Steel company.

Exporters also show their frustration to the foreign workers working at Samlo company. They claim that the Minister of Labour need to investigate on the conditions of these employees.

Scrap Metal employees demanded to return to their jobs until justice is made. Note that a court action was initiated against the Ministry of commerce early this year. In addition, they make a call to the ministry and the judicial system to review their situation because they have no idea what to do with their employees and stock.