Budget 2016/2017: Poverty, Fitness, Pension For The Disabled, CSR, Sale By Levy.. Results TopFM Fought For

It is with great satisfaction that the Top FM listeners have learned that many of their grievances and many fights of your favorite radio have got a positive response from Jugnauth.

First of all, the case of Ryan Brette that put the whole population in turmoil … The small boy was deprived of welfare pension because of his young age … Discrimination based on age has been corrected by the great financier.

Our auditors also note that our struggle against the privatization of private fitness centers also returned a positive result … The great financier has simply froze the announced increase of the price from Rs 400 to Rs 600 for cars examinations.

The Corporate Social Responsibility in its current form will also be reviewed. While the housing loan worth Rs 3 million are now covered by the Commission for the Protection of Borrowers.

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The arrears on debts to the Mauritius Housing Company and the National Housing Development Company for those receiving up to Rs 15,000 are abolished.

While at the level of the fight against poverty, the Minister of Finance has lowered tariffs or abolished VAT on 368 products, including cereals … The price of the 12 kg cooking gas cylinder has gone down from Rs 330 to Rs 270.

Moreover, the government will pay the examination fees for those at the bottom of the scale and will even pay for a re-sit… While the threshold for obtaining a house in the NHDC will now be a salary of Rs 20,000 instead of Rs 10,000 …