[International News] Majestic White Whale Is Back After 2 Years!

Migaloo, the albino whale was last seen two years ago at the Port Stephens coast in Australia. But according to latest reports the rare whale is back!

The famous humpback had keen whale watchers in awe this morning when he was spotted by Jane Adamson of Moonshadow-TQC onboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer.

The keen photographer was on her day off, when she first spotted Migaloo off Fingal Bay early Friday morning. She hurried to jump on board the 10am Moonshadow-TWC cruise off the Port Stephens Coast.

“We saw a few whales, but weren’t sure that he was with them,” she said.

“The water turned aqua around him and made him very identifiable.

“We were all jumping up and down when we saw him.”


Migaloo was sited seven miles off shore from Bennetts Beach, Hawks Nest with a travelling companion. His last sighting was off the Port Stephens Coast on June 21, 2014 where he put on a show for whale watchers. But, he was a little quieter this year.

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“He spent a lot of time on the surface, and was happy to swim along next to us, but he didn’t do any playful jumps,” Ms Adamson said.

“It was awesome to see. I’m on a bit of a whale-high.”

The popular lad was named Migaloo after a Queensland Aboriginal community’s word for ‘‘white fella’’, he was the world’s only known all-white humpback until MJ, or Migaloo Junior, was found in 2011.

Watch video here:

Credit: Bordermail