[Local News] La Tour Koenig: 104 Cannabis Plants Uprooted; Five Teenagers Arrested

A police operation was conducted in La Tour-Koenig around 8 PM on Thursday, July 28. The officers landed in a house where five men aged between 19 and 23 years were arrested. Tape containing traces of drugs, a piece of paper and a packet of cigarette containing paper sheets were seized.

The young men were taken to the police station for questioning. Four of them were allowed to return home but the fifth person was arrested. The owner of the house was also questioned.

Furthermore, the Anti Drug Smuggling Unit has uprooted 104 cannabis plants on Thursday July 28. It is with the help of the police helicopter that the Northern Division officers were able to discover 36 plants of a height of 15 to 45 cm in a wasteland in Malenga. The ADSU officers then went to Nouvelle Decouverte where 68 plants of a height of 10 cm to 1.80 m were uprooted. An investigation has been opened to find the planters.