[Local News] Plaisance: Désiré Josian Jasmin Hides Cannabis In Ballons

He believed outwitting the vigilance of the authorities. Désiré Josian Jasmin was caught by the sleuths of the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) at Plaisance airport on Wednesday. He was in possession of 59.6 grams of cannabis concealed in balloons. The value of the drugs is estimated at Rs. 178, 800.

Désiré Josian Jasmin who lives in Belgium arrived on flight AF 460 from France at around 2 PM. He was the subject of the particular attention of the bloodhounds of ADSU and customs officers upon deplaning. After he completed the immigration formalities, a police officer quietly followed him until the arrival hall. He was about to leave the building through the “green channel”.

The man was then requested at the customs hall where his luggage was examined through a scanner by track officials. Bags containing balloos amid his clothes were seized. There was cannabis placed in the balloons. Seven sachets containing 21 balls and various paraphernalia, a pipe, a lighter and a manual grinder were seized.