[Local News] Environment: Rs. 110 Million Will Be Disbursed To Counter Sand Erosion

  • Rs 110 million to address beach erosion and degradation of coastal land.
  • Rs 22 million for the purchase of modern equipment to improve coordination on the ground for the national emergency operations.
  • A training for disaster intervention teams in six places at risk.
    Establishment of a new authority for the work of priority drains.
  • A new treatment system for 8000 tons of hazardous waste from electronic and electrical equipment and a centralized station for waste at La Chaumiere.
  • A recycling fee introduced on imports of electronic products.
    compost bins and tools will be provided to 7,000 households and 3,000 small farmers to encourage them to produce their own compost.

Vassen Kappaymutthoo “We-have missed the target”
Vassen Kauppaymuthoo, oceanographer and environmental engineer, said that the measures taken to protect the environment “are chilling.” He believes that some of them are in contradiction with international protocols for environmental protection. He thinks that even if certain measures are interesting, “we-have missed the target.” He maintains that he was heading towards integrated management and biotechnology research.