[Local News] Law & Order: Rs. 8.7 Billion To Be Invested In Mauritius Police Force

900 police officers and 30 cadets will be recruited to strengthen the police force. Furthermore, the Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth revealed that 100 firefighters will be recruited during the presentation of the 2016-17 Budget.

A police academy will finally see the day in the region of Reduit-Ebene. And a new training strategy will be developed.

Rs 8.7 billion will be allocated to the police department. Investments will be made on the supply and the modernization of a new car park for the police. The renewal will be worth Rs 292 million and will be equipped with modern equipment that will cost Rs 115 million for the next two years.

A new unit called as an integrated Emergency Response Management System will be developed that will link the EMS and firefighters. The project will cost Rs 50 million. In terms of infrastructure, the finance minister promises the construction of six new police stations, a New Divisional Headquarters, two detention centers and a new forensic laboratory at a cost of Rs 235 million.

Cameras will be installed as part of a Safe City Project located in major public places, on major roads, pedestrian walkways that will help in the fight against crime, drug proliferation and will help improve traffic and road safety.

VAT will be abolished on CCTV surveillance cameras, alarm systems, locks and other home security systems.

Pravind Jugnauth announced the purchase of two drones with night vision. Moreover, customs will be equipped with X-ray detectors.