[Local News] Médine: The Body Of Joachim Paumero Found In A Pond!

He had been missing for nearly two weeks. Joachim Guiseppe Paumero, a 26 year old  French national was found dead in a pond at the ‘Mecque’, Médine on Friday 29 July.

The body of the young man, who was in an advanced state of decomposition, was recovered by officers of the Mauritian Police Intervention Group.

According to relatives , the clothes are those of Joachim Guiseppe Paumero. He worked as military officer, he used to live at the corner of avenue Victory et Carpes in Albion . The last time the young man was seen whose mother is of Mauritian citizenship was in a pub in Cascavelle.

He wore a pair of blue jeans and a shirt of the same color. According to information, he would have left the scene on foot, around 3 am on Saturday 16 July. An autopsy will be held in the evening of Saturday 30 July.