[International News] INDIA: Husband And Wife Hacked To Death Over A Rs 15 Debt!

A couple in India were killed by a grocer Thursday after a disagreement over a debt of 15 rupees (22 cents).

The couple hailed from India’s lowest Dalit caste and they were attacked with an axe in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and found dead with injuries to their neck, police said.

Bharat Singh, 65, and his wife Mamta, 60, reportedly owed the local shopkeeper money for biscuits they bought for their three children earlier in the week, the BBC reported. They were on their way to work Thursday morning when the grocer, identified as Ashok Mishra, confronted the couple and demanded they pay him right away. When they told him they would return the money after receiving their daily wages that evening, Mishra allegedly attacked and killed the couple with an axe.

Police arrested Mishra and his wife Rajni.


Credit: TIME.com